Aconex365 (beta) 

by Corporate Contacts Ltd

Register your Outlook Email Messages in Aconex
Introducing Aconex365

Aconex365 is an Office 365 add-in which will enable you to register emails in your Aconex account.

Made by Corporate Contacts

Aconex365 has been created by Corporate Contacts Ltd. Corporate Contacts are a completely separate company from Aconex and Oracle.  While we work closely with the Aconex team at Oracle, we are an ecosystem partner and not a part of Oracle or Aconex.


The Corporate Contacts team have more than 4 years experience of both working with the Aconex platform and building add-ins for Outlook.


Aconex365 is simple to install and works with most modern versions of Outlook – including Outlook for Windows desktop, Outlook Web Browser, and Outlook for Mac. It will even work with Outlook for Android and iPhone. Install it in one, and it will be there in all the others*.

(*Subject to the Outlook versions being at a minimum required version.)

Made for Office365

Aconex365 can be installed into versions of Outlook which are connected to Office365. If your Outlook uses an inhouse Exchange system (rather than Office365), or some other way of routing your emails, unfortunately you will not be able to install Aconex365.

How can I get it?

We have created some videos to show you how Aconex365 works, but the best way to find out is to ask for a trial license. If you fill in your details using the button below, a member of the team will contact you to get you set up, installed and ready to test the system.


If after two weeks using the system, you would like to continue, the cost is $10 (USD) per month per user.


Tel: +44 1482 869700

Centre for Digital Innovation,

Queen Street, Hull, UK, HU1 1UU